1.            Effective immediately, shut-off of the curb stop in the Fall and reconnection in the Spring will be

              made only by M.T.U.D. personnel.

2.            The owner/lessee agrees to hold the M.T.U.D. harmless for any internal and external property


3.            Owner/lessee acknowledges that the minimum water and sewer charges are not waived by this permit.

4.            The Winterization Contractor is responsible to provide all freeze protection services to the

                service line, meter, and/or internal plumbing systems.

5.            The owner/lessee is responsible for the proper care/storage of the water meter, if internal to the premises.

6.            M.T.U.D. shut-off and reconnection services shall be coordinated by the Winterization

               Contractor.  Re-visits by M.T.U.D. due to unprepared/delayed access to water meter and/or curb box will result in additional fee of $50 charged to the Winterization                                 Contractor.

7.            Emergency hour responses will be charged to the homeowner at an additional $125.00.

8.            The water meter will be resealed by the M.T.U.D. in the Spring, upon reconnection.


*Winterization Contractor to post bonds at M.T.U.D. in accordance with Ordinance #O-3-2017-008 prior to any work being performed.       


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