Monroe Township Utility Department (M.T.U.D.), in an effort to better serve you, changed our operations where only M.T.U.D. staff can open or close a curb stop or touch any other water appurtenance including meters, meter pits, curb stops, valves, manholes, etc…

In too many instances, M.T.U.D. is called to assist Homeowner Contractors or Plumbers only to find that the curb stop has been damaged and cannot be operated resulting in a water shut down affecting you and your neighbors and ultimately excavation of the curb stop to your home at great expense.

Unfortunately, this added Utility Department work takes additional time and expense to coordinate and field deploy.  M.T.U.D. feel that the increased Winterization Fee assessed will provide an overall improved level of service to the homeowners who Winterize their homes each winter.


Copy of Winterization Contract and Instructions for all residents (except Concordia and Whittingham). 


Concordia and Whittingham residents may obtain the permit from their concierge’s office which we have provided to them.  (Sample is attached.)


Homeowners who do not apply for a Winterization Permit will be liable for frost/freezing damages to M.T.U.D. water meters, meter boxes, curb boxes, curb stops, etc…  In addition, tampering with M.T.U.D. facilities carries a $500 minimum fine.




The following Contractors have met the requirements of the M.T.U.D. for 2017/18 and have provided Bonds and Liability Insurance documentation:


Redline Plumbing:  1 (732) 615-7260

I.C.C.:  1 (609) 655-4647

Mr. Rooter:  1 (732) 303-8500




When the snow comes, it would be extremely helpful and very responsible for local residents and businesses to remove the snow around fire hydrants.  Please keep your fire hydrant readily accessible to the Monroe Township Fire Companies.




It can be brutally cold this winter, causing frozen water services in a few homes that normally do not experience this type of water loss.  If it is not possible to shut and drain susceptible internal water pipes for the winter, during low temperature times, it may be prudent to let a remote kitchen or bathroom faucet slowly run (slow drips) to prevent in the coldest areas of your home, especially if you have ever had a freeze up before or have water pipes on outside walls of the house.  (Don’t forget to shut the faucet off once the really cold weather passes.)


You should also check to see that all doors and especially basement windows are fully closed and insulation is in place.  Opening cabinet doors under your kitchen and bathroom sinks could also prevent a freeze up during really cold weather. 


Should you experience a freeze up in your entire house, you can call us at 732-521-1700 or 609-655-1050 and request help the next business day.  If this is an emergency, we will respond as soon as practical 24 hours a day.  However, M.T.U.D. is only responsible for water supply issues up to the valve box typically located at the curb.


M.T.U.D. also has access rights for internal water meters typically located in your basement, garage or crawl space.