Wet tap fees


Where the user requires connection to the water system after construction of mains has been completed and water service is available to the user, then in addition to the connection fee, the applicant shall pay for the cost of construction from the main to the curb, such construction to be performed by the Utility Department and/or an approved contractor. These costs shall be as follows:


    When the tap is on the same side of the road as the service:


¾”  $1,500.00

1”  $1,650.00

1-1/2”  $2,650.00

2”  $3,100.00


When the tap is on the opposite side of the road from the service:


¾”  $1,750.00

1”  $1,950.00

1-1/2”  $3,000.00

2”  $3,650.00


The above fees are based on a 4 hours timeframe.  If project goes over 4 hours then hourly rate of $250.00 is applied.  These fees includes meter pit and installation costs.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to secure necessary road opening permit, to excavate, backfill and restore the excavated area according to MTUD Rules and Regulations.