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September 22, 2016                            Michael J. Barnes, Director

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Monitoring of Chromium-6


Monroe Township NJ08831, September 22, 2016 – Recent social media accounts and news articles have named Monroe Township Utility Department as one of 138 other New Jersey water systems detecting Chromium-6 in their drinking water.  The Monroe Township Utility Department (M.T.U.D.) monitored Chromium-6 along with 20 other contaminants under the US-EPA’s Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule “UCMR -3”. It is designated as “3” because this is the third such monitoring cycle since 2001. The fourth monitoring cycle will commence in 2017 with roughly 30 new “candidate” contaminants.


The objective of the UCMR is to collect occurrence data for suspected drinking water contaminants such as Chromium-6 which do not yet have health-based standards set under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Occurrence information is gathered to provide EPA and other interested parties with scientifically valid data to support future regulatory decision making.


Chromium-6 levels in all of the M.T.U.D. wells were found to be below detection limits to a maximum of 0.14 parts per billion (ppb). One part per billion equates to one drop of water in an Olympic size swimming pool.  The current state threshold is 10 parts per billion and the federal limit is 100 parts per billion.


US-EPA and the NJ-DEP are evaluating the UCMR-3 information and other scientifically valid data to determine what the appropriate standard should be for Chromium-6. M.T.U.D. will continue to monitor the water system and update the Consumer Confidence Report accordingly.


If you should have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the M.T.U.D. at the above number.