Given all the attention that lead continues to garner here is what the NJDEP is saying:

The Division of Water Supply & Geoscience now has information available regarding lead in drinking water, specific to Consumers, Schools and Childcares, and Public Water Systems.


Lead is not normally found in drinking water at the source. Typically, lead gets into drinking water from the service lines, plumbing and fixtures that may contain lead. As a result of corrosion, lead and other metals from the pipes slowly dissolve into the water. Lead is associated with adverse health impacts even at low levels, particularly in infants and children. 


The information provided on these pages is intended to offer guidance on how to determine whether lead is present in drinking water, to remediate if lead is found, and to reduce exposure.


Please click on or copy the link into your browser to access this guidance.


New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Division of Water Supply & Geoscience