Monroe Township Utility Department Warns of Imposters


Trickery used to rob homes


A Middlesex County water utility recently learned of incidents in its service area, where imposters, often working with another person, will pose as water utility representatives, and will attempt to gain entry to a customer’s home to check water quality or meter piping.

Often, while the customer is distracted while complying with a request to check their tap or fixture, they will later discover they have been burglarized. 

M.T.U.D. is urging customers to be wary of any water utility representative seeking to gain access to their home, to carefully check for M.T.U.D. identification and to contact the Monroe Township Utility Department at 732-521-1700 or 609-655-1050 to verify the authenticity of the employee before allowing entrance.

M.T.U.D. is urging customers to be on the alert for individuals claiming to be M.T.U.D. employees.

If a customer suspects a person or persons to be posing as water utility representatives, they are encouraged to get a detailed description of the parties in question and to notify the police immediately.