Due to extreme cold, a few water service lines and water meters in Monroe Township have frozen.

The following “Precautionary Measures should be considered by homeowners including:

·         Homeowners should check water meter pit and make sure insulation pad is at the very top of meter pit.

·         Make sure meter pit lid is on properly

·         Check that the exterior mulch around the meter lit is to the very top of meter pit.

·         Leave faucet(s) in cold places in the house dripping throughout the extreme cold spell so warmer water from M.T.U.D.’s distribution system is continuously running through water service line and water meter minimizing the potential for a freeze up.

·         If you experience a freeze up or have no water, you may call us for guidance at any time and in an extreme emergency, we will respond to your location.  However, a licensed plumber is typically required to assist you in thawing your service line and the water meter.


NOTE:   The M.T.U.D. is not responsible for maintaining your portion of the service line (Typically from the curb line to

your house) or the meter pit or its insulation.  

Repeated calls to the M.T.U.D. may incur a service charge of $70.00.

It is homeowner responsibility to maintain the Meter Pit.