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November 2017 M.T.U.D. News

Monroe Township Utility Department (M.T.U.D.) completed the drilling work on two (2) new potable supply wells.  Well #25 is currently under design and we expect to be ready to construct the permanent filter building by the end of next year in 2018 with full production of 1250 to 1500 gallons per minute (or 1.8 to 2.1 million gallons/day) next summer.  This new supply will replace the costly purchased water agreement with NJ American that is in its 30th and last year of contract.  M.T.U.D. expects to save $565,000 annually and $11,000,000 over 20 years.

Well #26 may be used for irrigation purposes in 2018 by providing nearly 2 million gallons of water daily.  Design of the permanent filter plant will occur in 2018 with full production expected by the Summer of 2019.

Well #25 Site

In 2016, M.T.U.D. completed the re-connection of the 12-inch water main on State Street.  It was completed using microtunnelling that avoided a stream crossing.  M.T.U.D. also added a new pressure reducing regulator serving the Legends Drive area.  Both construction projects were overseen by M.T.U.D. inspection staff and placed in service in 2017.

New Pressure Regulator Installation: LEGENDS                  STATE STREET:  12” Water Main Re-Connection

M.T.U.D.’s service area was historically divided into three (3) pressure zones.  In 2015, the middle pressure zone was eliminated by using bypass pipes on five (5) existing regulators.  This operational change increased the water pressure in M.T.U.D.’s center area by 15 to 20 psi which benefited both residential needs and fire fighting.  In 2016, M.T.U.D. made these changes permanent by eliminating all five (5) of the affected pressure regulators.

Well #16A underwent major improvements that include new chemical feed equipment, a new natural gas generator and electrical improvements.  Work was completed by Memorial Day weekend when we expect our peak water season to begin.

Well #16A

M.T.U.D. will continue working on the installation of new water meters throughout 2017.  Most large commercial meters have been replaced using M.T.U.D. staff.  If you receive a Notice requesting you to call us to schedule a meter change out, we will attempt to perform this work at a time convenient to your schedule.  Call 732-521-1700 or 609-655-1050 to schedule an appointment.

M.T.U.D. continues to analyze a new meter reading system that is capable of taking multiple readings to help residents identify even minor water leaks.  While the benefits of this proposed new system is years away it will become an important water consumption tool to all water utilities. 

On the sewer side, M.T.U.D. expects to eliminate our 1960’s Pump Station #3 that currently serves the NJ Turnpike’s Molly Pitcher Service Area/State Police/Operations Center.  The Turnpike is finalizing plans to construct their own pumping station in 2017, thus saving M.T.U.D. over $1,400,000 in rehabilitation costs.  Monroe will have a signed Agreement by the end of 2017.

M.T.U.D.’s Pumping Stations #4, 9 and 10 have been evaluated and rehab work has been designed.  Construction work is expected to begin in early 2018.

Pump Station #2 (M.T.U.D. Headquarters Building) has been receiving upgrades of abandoned settling tanks to help store wastewater during high rainfall events.  In 2016, Tank #6 was upgraded to include fiberglass covers, air treatment, and significant concrete rehabilitation.  Tank #7 construction work was completed (July 2017) and Tanks #3 and #4 are under design.  Only private funds are used in these improvements, estimated at over $1,000,000 per Tank.

Tank Improvements at Pump Station #2

Key staff includes:


Michael J. Barnes, P.E., C.M.E., C.P.W.M.,  Executive Director

Sheryl Daldos, Executive Assistant to the Director



John Katerba, C.P.W.M., General Manager. 

Ryan Herkert, Project Manager – Engineering. 

Gen McCreary, Coordinating Engineering Inspections (Part time)

Tim Stoessler, Purchasing Agent

Dmitri Kopylov, Staff Engineer.  New hire for Instrumentation, Control Systems and SCADA.

Doug Heinrichs, IT Coordination

Rob Reichel, IT

M.T.U.D. Senior Inspectors for Developer & M.T.U.D. Projects:

                Jay Patel, Chris Bevens, Russell Saul

Customer Service:

Jackie Sumski, Office Coordinator supervises M.T.U.D.’s Customer Service activities including utility billing and collections.

Christine Breden, Receptionist/Walk-In Payments

                Nicolle Zdrodowski, Meter Scheduling/Bank Deposits

                Sandy Marrone, New Water & Sewer Connections and Hydrant Meters


Robert Noel was promoted to Sewer Superintendent in June 2017 and is the sewer licensed operator overseeing over 225 miles of sewers and force mains and 15 pumping stations.  Rob also assists MT DPW with snow removal staff and equipment from M.T.U.D.  He is also our Safety Compliance Officer.

John Sawicki, Foreman:  Sewer System Maintenance/Mechanic, Assists DPW (Shared Services).


Michael Ott, Water Superintendent is also M.T.U.D.’s licensed water operator as of March 1, 2017.  Mike passed his W-4 and T-4 Operators tests and now holds a top Water Distribution and Treatment licenses in New Jersey.  Mike also passed his C-3 Wastewater Collection license in 2016.

Carl Vogt, Foreman:  Water Quality and Treatment recently passed his T-3 license.

Greg Cook has been promoted to Foreman in our Water Division concentrating on Treatment Plant Maintenance and Water Distribution System installations and repairs.


M.T.U.D. would like to continue to acknowledge our staff who have completed New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Operator licenses:

K. Anderson, C-1                                                            J. Patel, C-1, W-1

M. Barnes, T-4, W-4, C-2                                               R. Pereira, T-3, W-3, C-2

N. Bumbico, T-2, W-2, T-2                                             L. Pipero, W-1, C-1

V. DiLieto, T-2, W-2, C-1                                                 J. Sawicki, C-3

M. Dipierro, C-2                                                              T. Sheppard **                                                 

J. Fisler, C-2, W-1, T-1                                                      R. Suchcicki, W-1, C-1

J. Giampietro, C-3, W-1, T-1                                             C. Vogt, T-3*, W-2, C-2

R. Noel C-4, S-3, N-3, T-2, W-2                                      S. White, W-2, T-2, C-1*                                                                

M. Ott, T-4, W-4*, C-3, S-1                                              K. Wright**, C-3, W-1, T-1*

*New Licenses                  **New Employee

N.J.D.E.P. identified M.T.U.D. as needing the top water treatment license (T-4), a W-3 water distribution license and a C-3 wastewater collection system license.  In total, M.T.U.D. has two (2) T-4 license holders and two (2) T-3 operators.  M.T.U.D. has two (2) W-4 license holders and one (1) W-3 operator.  For collection system operation M.T.U.D. has one (1) C-4 operator,four (4) C-3 operators and five (5) C-2 operators.  In addition, a total of 17 staff has one or more N.J.D.E.P. licenses.  M.T.U.D. is well covered with N.J.D.E.P. licenses and has identified (backups) in every key operational area.

Internally, M.T.U.D. continues to host important regulatory, safety, operational, treatment, and security training sessions that the entire water/wastewater industry benefits from.  To this end, M.T.U.D. was the 2014 recipient of the New Jersey Water Association’s Malcolm Fraser Award for our service to the water industry.  We are proud of this award and our commitment to the training of the next generation of water and wastewater operators.  In addition, our training room is used for Community First Aid, CPR, Bloodborne Pathogen and other Safety programs after hours and weekends.

M.T.U.D. continues to assist MTDPW with snow plowing and salting operations with over ten (10) vehicles equipped with plows since 2014.

Check out the General Information section of our website for important Seasonal Tips!  In addition, to access our 2017 Consumer Confidence Report (Click Here). 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us (Click Here) or by phone at 732-521-1700 or 609-655-1050.

Very truly yours,


Michael J. Barnes, P.E., C.M.E., C.P.W.M.


Monroe Township Utility Department